Growth Garage Challenge 2022

The Composite Engineering Challenge

composite engineering challenge

The Opportunity

Growth Garage is the Business Incubator from the Advanced Materials Division of Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG). Our mission is to support and grow new ideas with our expertise, network, technologies and advanced engineering materials to help tackle some of today’s most significant engineering challenges.


Business Incubator Growth Garage - in partnership with Wevolver - are inviting innovators, entrepreneurs and early adopters at universities, startups and scaleups that intend to design and develop (smart) light weight products and have the ambition to scale their functioning prototype or small series production (‘0-’00) of an application, part or product with light weight fiber reinforced composite materials.


  • Realize your product, part or application with (smart) light weight fiber reinforced composites
  • You have the ambition to efficiently SCALE the production to medium (>’000) or even large size (>0,000) series production.


The winning teams of the challenge are invited to participate in Growth Garage Incubator program. A partnership tailored to their needs according to their current business and product development stage.


Advanced stage – Prototyping done. Small series production. Ready to scale and looking for the right material/manufacturing/design combination.

Early stage – Assessing light weight fiber reinforced materials and production processes. Beta-version prototype.

Industry – Examples, but not limited to: new mobility (EV, e-motor, battery casing, etc.), autonomous (delivery) vehicles, robotics, aerospace, space, bicycles, UAV, AAV, bionics (wheelchairs, exoskeletons, prosthetics), alternative energy, sensoring, sport & leisure,…

Profile - Innovators, entrepreneurs and early adopters at universities, institutes, startups and scaleups that have the ambition to realize their big ideas and need the support and collaboration of a professional partner.


The winning teams of the challenge are invited to participate in Growth Garage Incubator program. A partnership tailored to their needs according to their current business and product development stage.

  • Guidance in material / technology selection
  • Guidance in design for manufacturing
  • Material sampling
  • Prototyping
  • Simulation expertise
  • Manufacturing cost prognosis
  • Access to our network: community, partners & jury members
  • Access to industry, sustainability and market intelligence experts
  • Exposure to potential customers
  • Exposure to MCG senior management & MCG’s CVC arm Diamond Edge Ventures
  • Global exposure via various media outlets



  1. Launch date:                  Monday 24 October 2022
  2. Early Bird Closure :       Wednesday 30 November 2022
  3. Challenge Closure:       Saturday 31 December 2022
  4. Finalists Announced:    Wednesday 11 January 2023
  5. Winners Announced:    Tuesday 31 January 2023

The Composite Engineering Challenge Webinar

30 minutes video

The Webinar, hosted by Tim Vorage gives insights about:

1) The Business Incubator Growth Garage
2) The Composites Engineering Challenge
3) How you can benefit from submitting to the Challenge

Watch now!
What's in it for the winners of the challenge

Winner categories

Challenge winners program

Challenge Winner

Valued at 25,000 USD

As the winning team you will enter into a partnership with Growth Garage, to develop your product or part in a way that enables you to scale the production whatever stage of production you're in. This includes but is not limited to:

Hands-on Support

  • Support in material/technology selection
  • Support to design for manufacturing
  • Support in tool design
  • Support to scale your production
  • Support in providing a cost prognosis for medium to high volume production and prototyping

Access to resources

  • Access to Mitsubishi Chemical Group latest carbon reinforced composite materials (thermoset and thermoplastic-based) at scale
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Group unique technologies at scale

but also

  • Opportunity for equity investment via Mitsubishi Chemical Group's CVC arm (Diamond Edge Ventures)
  • Exposure to potential customers
  • Access to experts in community and jury
  • Global exposure in various media outlets
  • Access to circularity and sustainability experts

Innovation Award Winner

Prize : Valued at 10,000 USD

As the Innovation Winner you will be awarded for the most impactful, differentiated, innovative idea. The winning team will receive mentoring and support from Mitsubishi Chemical Group engineers and business leaders to further develop the product or part with a view to scale the project.

The Innovation Award includes:

Hands-on Support

  • Support in material/technology selection
  • Support to design for manufacturing
  • Support to scale your production

Access to resources

  • Access to Mitsubishi Chemical Group latest carbon reinforced composite materials (thermoset and thermoplastic-based) at scale

but also

  • Exposure to senior management in Mitsubishi Chemical Group and Diamond Edge Ventures
  • Access to experts in our community and jury

Wevolver Community Winner

Honorable recognition 

Wevolver is a community providing millions of engineers inspiring, informative content through a number of web and social channels.

Wevolver empowers people to create and innovate. They provide access to engineering knowledge that can help engineers develop meaningful products. 

How does the Wevolver Community decides on the challenge winner :

The Wevolver Community vote is decided through a public poll of the finalists. The voting opens after the finalists are announced and runs from Jan 2- Jan 9. The winner is the entry with the highest number of votes.

The winner will receive an honorable mention at the awards ceremony and be brought to the attention of senior management of Mitsubishi Chemical Group and the Venture group of Mitsubishi Chemical Group. Further, the Wevolver Community winner will be interviewed for an article published on Growth Garage and Wevolver.

Our Judging Criteria

Find out what we're looking for

These are the main criteria each jury member focus on when judging each submission. All ideas are objectively analyzed and carefully considered.


While we applaud imaginative thinking, your idea needs to also be a realistic proposal that makes the most innovative use of our materials and technologies.



We're looking for fresh ideas from entrepreneurial businesses that are ready to scale up but may still need some support.



Our commitment towards circular economy means that every entry will be judged on how much of a positive impact it can make on the environment.

circular economy

Practical Information We compiled several assets to better understand the challenge requirements.
Feel free to download the entry pack and register to join the webinar to find the answers of all your questions.
Key dates


Launchdate: 24 October 2022
Early Bird Closure : 30 November 2022
Challenge Closure: 31 December 2022
Finalists Announced: 11 January 2023
Winners Announced: 31 January 2023

composite engineering challenge
Is this challenge for you


The challenge is open to any business, research team or project team currently working on a product or part manufactured from composites that have the ambition to ramp up their production.
You may currently be in prototype or small series production using a low quantity production process and are facing challenges in scaling up your production – this is the opportunity for you. Read all details in the ENTRY PACK.

The advantage of submitting during the first month


Submit to the challenge before 30 November midnight, Mitsubishi Chemical Group expert team will review your entry for feedback and direction. You can adjust your design and re-enter your submission.
You can submit at any other moment as the final closure date for this challenge is 31 December 2022.

automotive solutions
What is the jury team looking for


All submissions will be judged according to 3 categories:

- Feasibility (technical and commercial)
- Scalability (manufacturing and team)
- Sustainability

winners background visual

Introduction to the Composite Engineering Challenge

In this webinar, Tim Vorage will give more details about the Challenge, insights of the Incubator Program and answer all your questions.

winners background visual
All you need to know before submitting


To better understand if this challenge is for you we have compiled an Entry Pack that goes deeper into the requirements of the challenge, provides entry checklists to ensure a strong submission as well as feedback and tips from previous challenge winners.

Carbon Composite hero image
experts panel and jury members

Get to know the jury team

Christoph Greb.jpg
Christoph Greb Scientific Director Institut fuer Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University
David Reger CEO and Founder / Deep-Tech Entrepreneur / Cognitive Robots NEURA Robotics
Marcus Kremers canvas.jpg
Marcus Kremers CTO and Technologist on composites, automation & digitalisation Airborne
Fumiko Uraki_small.JPG
Fumiko Uraki Director of Venture Department at Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Will Chan canvas.jpg
Will Chan Composites Engineering Manager Specialized Bicycle Components
Jonas Grau.jpeg
Jonas Grau Thomsen CEO and Founder of Nordic Bionics / Thought Leader/Influencer Nordic Bionics - Rehabilitation and Wearable Technology
David Leach Director, Business Development ATC Manufacturing
Benjamin DEBUSSCHERE.jpg
Benjamin Debusschère Head of Events’ Programs and Startup Booster JEC Group
Dr. Lisa Weigand.jpg
Dr. Lisa Weigand Advisor Circular Economy Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Bram Geenen.JPG
Bram Geenen CEO and Co-founder WeVolver
Dr. Peter Walde.jpg
Dr. Peter Walde Founder & CEO, Empowering innovators to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced world MAPEGY
LR-Jules Harings.jpg
Jules Harings Associate Professor & Group leader Macromolecular Physics & Technology at AMIBM / Maastricht University Maastricht University
Henning Bloech.jpg
Henning Bloech Global Director Sustainable Solutions Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Randy White MCAM.jpg
Randy White Carbon Fiber and Composites Division Leader, Americas Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Simon McEvoy.jpg
Simon McEvoy UK Head of Strategy & UX // Marketing Academy Alumni Council // B Corp B Leader // Speaker & Author The Marketing Practice
Photo Mark Geljon.jpeg
Mark Geljon Customer Experience leader, change maker and social entrepreneur GRIDD
Andy Rudd.jpg
Andy Rudd Global New Business Development Manager Mitsubishi Chemical Group
Stefan Schnippering.jpg
Stefan Schnippering Venture Associate, PHD Diamond Edge Ventures
Tim Vorage Innovation.jpg
Tim Vorage Senior Manager & Founder Business Incubator Growth Garage Mitsubishi Chemical Group

Interesting information

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